Innovator and Motivator Award by AWIS Chicago

2013 AWIS Chicago Awards Dinner

Featured Awardees:

7th Innovator Award – Dr. Barbara Di Eugenio, of the University of Illinois Chicago, for demonstrating innovative approaches in computational models of Natural Language Processing. Her work is applied to various interactive applications in education technology and human-robot interactions, where users can hold a natural conversation with a computer.

2nd Motivator Award – Dr. Lily Rin-Laures, of Marshall, Gerstein & Borun, LLP, for her work in initiating a new chapter of Women in Bio in Chicago (WIB), for which she was President until 2012. She is also active in Girls4Science (a nonprofit dedicated to exposing girls aged 10-18 to STEM) and Coalition for Women’s Initiatives in Law Firms. She has also served as a mentor for Menttium, a cross-company mentoring program for female leaders. 

2017 AWIS-Chicago Innovator:
Ramille Shah, Ph.D
Northwestern University

2017 AWIS-Chicago Motivator:
Jini Ramprakash, MBA, M.Sc.
Argonne National Laboratory